The SCRIP Program is for EVERYONE!

Gift cards sold through the program are JUST LIKE CASH and COSTS YOU NOTHING EXTRA.

Did you know that since its inception at Immaculate Conception Church over a decade ago, the SCRIP program
has yielded over $135,000 in tuition credits for use by our families to offset Catholic school tuition and CCD
Fees?! SCRIP credits may be applied to tuition at Immaculate Conception Academy (Pre-School through 8 th
grade), Berks Catholic High School or CCD Fees. Simply write the name of the family or child whom you wish

to assist on the SCRIP Form and the credit will be applied to their benefit.

In addition to the tuition credits provided by SCRIP, the program has also generated over $120,000 for our

parish family which has been utilized to fund the religious education of our children.

Here is how it works:
1. Bring a check/cash to any weekend Mass or parish office during business hours to buy SCRIP.
2. Choose the SCRIP you need, basically, you are buying a gift certificate. You have just credited
yourself 2.5% of the purchase price toward school tuition or CCD tuition and made a donation
to ICC. And it didn’t cost you a penny more than what you would spend anyway!
3. Take the SCRIP to the establishment and use for your purchase. Or, SCRIP makes a great gift to give it
away for a family member or friend to use for purchases!
4. Meanwhile, ICC keeps a tab on how much credit you have earned. The credit year for school tuition is
June 1 through May 31 and is deducted from tuition for the following school year. For CCD, the credit year
is March 1 through the end of February for the following year. You can choose to designate any family
with a child in any program to benefit from your savings. If no family is designated, the church receives
the full benefit.


Scrip Program