A big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 ICA Geo Bee Champion - Aidan Curley!!!  5th Grade and Mrs. Harrigan are so very proud!  An excellent job as well for all of the contestants, especially our own Palmer!

This week in Grade 5:

Religion - We will wrap up Chapter 14 and begin our study of the Anointing of the Sick.

Math -  We are working on fractions!

Reading -  This  week we will continue our  novel study, My Side of the Mountain.

Science - This week we will finish Chapter 6 and the study of rocks, soil, energy sources, water, and air!

Social Studies - This week we are diving into Life in the Colonies!  5th Grade will be learning about the beginnings of what would become America!

ELA - It's a spelling week!  We are also putting the final touches on our personal narratives and learning more about adjectives.

Please be sure to check this page often!  You will always find updated Homework, Test/Project dates, Happenings at ICA, and other important 5th grade information!

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     Spelling:  Write words 3 times each

     Math:  Workbook page 73, #'s 1 - 14

     English:  None

     Religion:  Study for Quiz

     Social Studies:  None

     Science:  Study for test


     Spelling:  Write words 3 times each

     Math:   Workbook Page 74, #'s 1 - 10

     English:  Workbook page 39

     Religion: Study for Quiz

     Social Studies:  None

     Science:  Study


      Spelling:  Write words 3 times each

      Math:  Workbook Page 76 #'s 1-14 and Study for Assessment.  The answers can be found on the Middle School website!

      Religion:  Study

      English:  None

      Social Studies:  None

      Science:  Study


       Spelling:  Write words 3 times each

       Math:  Workbook Page 93 #'s 1 - 15

       English:  Workbook Page 41

       Religion:  None

       Social Studies:  None

       Science:  Study

Friday:  Math Workbook Page 94 **Do Not Estimate.  Just add!**








Upcoming Tests, Quizzes, and Project Dates


Thursday, January 17 -  Chapter 14 Religion Quiz

Friday, January 18 - Spelling Test/Ch. 6 Science Test

Thursday, January 31 - Current Event Due




Happenings at ICA

Monday, January 21 - School Closed

Sunday, January 27 - Catholic Schools Week Begins

     9:00 am - Mass

     9:00 am - 1 pm - Open House

     1 - 3 pm - Sock Hop

Monday, January 28  - 4th Grade Wax Museum/Science Fair Judging

Tuesday, January 29 -

     School Tours 9 - 11 and 1-2:30

     Science Fair Awards - 6:15 pm

     Brain Show Mania - 6:30 pm

Wednesday,  January 30 - 

     Step Up Day

     Ice Cream Social

Thursday, January 31 - 

     Afternoon at the Movies

     Sports Dress Down Day

     Teacher Appreciation Day

Friday, February 1 - 

     Mass - 9:00 - Bring Someone Special

     Early Dismissal - 12:00

Wednesday, February 13 - Bonding at Berks Catholic







Daily Schedules

Lunch - 11:20 - 11:40

Recess - 11:40 - 12:00

Special Schedules


STEM - 8:45 - 9:30

Art - 12:50 - 1:35


Physical Education - 10:15  - 11:15 


Library - 8:45 - 9:30


Music - 8:45 - 9:30


Study Guides

Looking to study for vocabulary?  Head to to practice unit words with interactive games and activities.

Unit 8 Spelling/Vocabulary Words: alternate, demolish, energetic, enforce, feat, hearty, mature, observant, primary, resign, strive, verdict



STEM Corner

This week in STEM, we explore the question:  Can companies turn fast-moving winds into a source of electricity?  We have been learning about our Earth's natural resources and the importance of developing alternative energy sources that are renewable.  We've learned about solar power, water power, wind power, and even seen scientists working hard to convert algae into energy.  This activity will involve two parts.  During the first activity students will be creating their own wind wheels to see how they work.  Then we will put on our engineering hats to create our own whirl power machines.  These machines will begin with the basic wind wheel and then students will add their own inventor's materials to create a machine that lifts as much weight as possible.  Students will be experimenting with their own breath and a hair dryer as sources of wind.  We will finish by completing a data sheet to record our observations.  This activity is an important one in an ever-changing world.  When our 5th graders are our age, what type of power will be fueling our homes and cars?  Maybe one of our very own ICA scientists will develop the newest energy source!

Next Generation Science Standards Covered:

ESS1.A - Earth Materials and Systems

ESS3.A - Natural Resources

ESS3.C - Human Impacts on Earth Systems

PS2.A - Forces and Motion

PS3.A - Definitions of Energy

ETS1 - Engineering Design