• 3rd grade is doing their COGAT Standardized Testing WEDNESDAY 3/20 , THURSDAY 3/21, &  FRIDAY 3/22

  • IOWA Standardized Testing will be the week of April 1 - 5.

  • PLEASE be sure that your child has A GOOD BREAKFAST and PLENTY of REST

  • NO  HOMEWORK during the week of IOWA testing.

  • PLEASE send in a few extra #2 ORANGE PENCILS  

  • Mr. Forkin (STEM) needs the children to bring in a LONG CAN ( Examples: pringle chip can; coffee can) for class on Wednesday


  • If you would like to donate any of these items I would REALLY APPRECIATE it!!

The children need to bring their MUSIC RECORDERS every Thursday for Music This is a GREAT way to review addition/subtraction/multiplication/division basic facts. IT ONLY TAKE 10 MINUTES A DAY!!The website starts with addition and when they finish addition it moves on to subtraction then multiplication then division. You can change it to multiplication if you would like to by using the HELP option. 

Here is a good website: : click on 3rd grade: monster multiplication or monster division to review mult/div basic facts 2's - 9's


MONDAY: P.E. 12:4 0 - 1:40 

WEDNESDAY: STEM 9:45 - 10:15

LIBRARY 12:15 - 1:00

THURSDAY: MUSIC 10:00 - 11:00

FRIDAY: ART 12:25 - 1:15 

Here are some Computer sites you can use to help study Spelling words and Reading, Social Studies, and Science Vocabulary words throughout the year.  We use them in class too.                                                               

username: bgrandy                                                            username: Rebecca_Grandinetti

password: ica3rd                                                                 password: 3rdgrade

                                                                                                                                                      Go to Classes on left side of screen and press on GRANDINETTI

                                                                                                                                                       That will have all of our 3RD GRADE QUIZLETS 










PLEASE USE  and for  Spelling; and Reading; Science; and Social Studies Vocabulary Review throughout the year 

Please continue practicing MULTIPLICATION/DIVISION BASIC FACTS 2's - 9's   Here are some ways to practice: worksheets; flashcards; websites :, or  apps. nWith your child can review add/subtr/mult/division basic facts. It only takes 10 minutes a day!!

READ  READ  READ 20 MINUTES DAILY: Reading; Religion; S.S. Science reading homework is included 

MONDAY: 3/18/19: 

MATH: Do textbk p. 261 #4 - 11 & textbk p. 263 #5 - 21 Measurement

  TUESDAY:  3/19/19 


WEDNESDAY: 3/20/19: 



THURSDAY: 3/21/19:

MATH: Do  Ch 8 Customary Measurement Study Guide to review for TEST tomorrow

FRIDAY: 3/22/19:

Social Studies/Science: EMBRYOLOGY Egg-Responsibility House Project Due: Thursday 4/4/19 : Please practice for 10 minutes a day to review BASIC FACTS

READ, READ, READ, 20 minutes daily 

Upcoming Quiz, Test, & Project Due Dates

 COGAT STANDARDIZED TESTING : Wednesday - Friday 3/20 - 21

FRIDAY: 3/22 MATH CH 8 Customary Measurement TEST

Use Study Guide 







Prefixes un; re; pre; dis  p. 151

disagreed         dislike         disappear           prepaid         preschool

precook            previous     rebuild             return              resell

reprint              unwrap        unlucky           untied            unbeaten

Challenge:   unknown        recover


Words with Suffixes pgs. 175  

careful       cheerful         helpful            colorful        harmful

pitiful        painless         priceless        sleepless        helplessly   

peacefully      carefully         wisely           wonderful 


Homophones p. 109

sale        sail          beet        beat       its       it's

rode       road         rowed      your       you're

their         they're        peace           piece

Challenge:     seen          scene


Soft c and g p. 115

pounce      placed       dice       cents      price

space       mice      office      wage         age

gyms      giant        changes       message      pages

Challenge:     giraffe         peaceful


Compound Words  p. 121

airplane          daytime          birthday         daylight         hairdo

somebody          birdhouse               barefoot          headlight           sometime

someone           newspaper            sidewalks             basketball          stagecoach



Inflectional endings  ed; ing; s  p. 127

names              named             naming

hopes              hoped               hoping

dances            danced             dancing

drops             dropped            dropping

wraps            wrapped            wrapping  

























READING VOCABULARY :   "Charlotte's Web" chapter book

 Week 1 Vocabulary  3/11 - 3/15

1.  shrieked -  scream or shout

2.  runt - smallest; little

3. blissful - great happiness or joy

4. gaze - look; stare

5.  perspiration - sweat

6.  mending - fix or repair something


Week 2 Vocabulary 3/18 - 3/27 "Charlotte's Web "chapter book

1.  salutations - greetings or saying hello

2.  gloomily - sad or depressed

3.  trough - long narrow box for Wilbur's food

4.  rodent - rat having large teeth for gnawing (Templeton)

5.  weaving - spinning or interlocking material

          ( Charlotte weaving her web)

6.  sedentary - sit still; do not move  much

7.  gullible - easy to fool


FINAL Vocabulary Words 3/28 - 3/16 "Charlotte's Web" chapter book

1.  sensational - exciting or wonderful

2.  ascend - move upward

3.  noble - well-known or good

4.  radiant - shining or glowing

5.  admire - respect or think highly of

6.  grumbled - growl or mutter

7.  tussle - struggle

8.  heaved - throw something

9. humble - not a show off;  not proud

10.  mimicked - repeated
































3rd Grade Supply List

     Immaculate Conception Academy

3rd grade School Supplies List

2 two-pocket folders (pockets on bottom) (Take Home & Test Folder)

4 two -pocket plain color folders (1 RED spelling; 1 YELLOW math; 1 BLUE science/S.S.; 1 ORANGE Embryology)

5 SHARPENED #2 pencils                  2 glue sticks                           scissors                     

NOTE: Pencils, Glue Sticks , and Dry Erase Markers need replaced OFTEN!  STOCK  UP!

1 package of crayons  (24 count)             1 highlighter                  1 pink eraser            

pencil sharpener                    ruler                       multiplication flash cards  

 2 dry erase  marker and small sock or rag for eraser             


PLEASE LABEL everything with a permanent marker including gym uniforms

1 EXTRA LARGE book sock  to put on back of seat to hold pencil  bag and flashcards

2 LARGE book socks   to cover textbooks 

1 one subject black/white hard cover notebook  (50cents at Wal-Mart)

1 box of tissues             1 roll of paper towels            1 container of baby wipes

ICA has also ordered supplies for your child such as copybook; composition paper; and a weekly Scholastic News. The fee for this stationary will be sent home in September.

You will also need CLEAR CONTACT PAPER to cover all of your child's workbooks and copybooks as they are sent home in September.






Third Grade Curriculum

Dear Parents,

        WELCOME to Third Grade. Here are some of the highlights to remember throughout the year.

        On a weekly basis I will update our 3rd grade Web page,, with Announcements and Homework for the week.  The SPECIALS Class Schedule as well as the Reading Wonders Unit Spelling Word  and Vocabulary Lists are also found on the Web site. There is a link for helpful websites such as , Quizlet.con and other websites that correspond with the 3rd grade curriculum too.   

        We have 6 folders in 3rd grade.  The HOME folder will be brought home DAILY with any homework sheets or other important information.  The completed class work sent home should be taken out of the folder. Please review this work with your child if needed. The TEST folder will contain the weekly tests and graded papers.  PLEASE be sure to SIGN, REVIEW, and RETURN all tests promptly. I will file all tests and graded work for the year.

        The YELLOW folder is for MATH worksheets.  The RED folder is for ILA worksheets which include Reading, Spelling, and English, and Writing.  The BLUE folder is for Science and Social Studies worksheets. We will use the ORANGE folder for Embryology: Our Chick hatching project.

       Please CHECK your child’s Catholic Planner DAILY for HOMEWORK and BEHAVIOR.  If you send me a note please ask your child to show it to me in the morning. You will find a copy of the CURSIVE Alphabet inside the back cover if needed for writing.  Your child will use cursive writing for most of their written work in 3rd grade.

                       PLEASE SEND A HEALTHY SNACK DAILY



DISCIPLINE: If a rule is broken your child is FIRST given a VERBAL WARNING. If a SECOND warning is needed they will be asked to write their name and offense in the BEHAVIOR NOTEBOOK . This is STILL just a WARNING. If your child continues to show negative behavior a THIRD time this will result in a loss of 5 minutes of their LUNCH RECESS time to discuss the negative behavior with me.  If needed I will notify you through email or a note in their Catholic Planner of the discipline problem. Please speak with them about the negative behavior. Remember a STAMP or STICKER means a GREAT day!! My goal is to concentrate on the POSITIVE behavior as much as possible. I also give THIRD GRADE ANGEL slips when they are caught doing good. Then I pick a few each week to be winners that get a TREAT from the treasure box.


OPTIONC  is our new Grading Program. Our grading system is based on 3 Trimesters.  You can check your child’s grades as often as you like. If you lose your password please contact Mr. Pat Mangan at  the Computer teacher and he can help you. I will need a week or so to post grades after a test is given.  All grades in 3rd grade are based on a point-system.  Graded papers will have a fraction with the number of points earned over the total number possible.  Each subject will have a mixture of tests, quizzes, projects, classwork, homework, etc… used as grades.

We also have a set of IPADs that we will be using to enhance our Curriculum and use with the Smart Boards already in the classroom.


RELIGION:  Your child knows that Religion is the most important subject we have here at ICA.  Religion tests are usually on Friday as we complete the lesson for the week as announced.  Please refer to Christ Our Life website for chapter reviews. We will learn “The Apostles Creed” prayer this year and learn how to pray the Rosary using the Mysteries of the Rosary.  I have rosaries that were donated last year to help us pray. We will go to Confession and attend the Stations of the Cross during LENT with the older students.


We are PRAYER PARTNERS with 5TH grade. We will sit with them during mass and are planning some fun and exciting events with them throughout the year!!


ILA: Integrated language Arts which includes, READING, SPELLING, ENGLISH, WRITING, and Cursive Handwriting

READING is a part of every subject in many different ways.  With our NEW McGraw Hill Reading Series, Reading Wonders, we will read many interesting stories. Reading will help strengthen your child’s vocabulary; reading comprehension strategies, and decoding skills.  I will send home the reading textbook to reread stories and review vocabulary for some of the Reading tests. Other Reading tests will be on stories that they read themselves in class too. We will also use Scholastic News and Science Spin as supplemental Nonfiction Text  to add more factual based material to our Reading instruction.

Your child will have a Reading Log to track all of the books they read this year. Please be sure that your child reads at least 20 minutes nightly. Your child will have 3 BOOK REPORTS this year of different genres. That is one every Trimester. Information and a rubric will be sent home.


ENGLISH is an opportunity to review the parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc… but also a chance to practice our writing skills. The black/white composition book sent in will be your child’s writing JOURNAL.  I will prompt them with a beginning thought so they can have fun expressing themselves through print. We will also be writing narrative stories, poems, a friendly letter, etc… Please visit for review of grammar and writing skills.


The  SPELLING words are part of the Wonders reading Unit. Sometimes the Reading Unit takes longer than a week to finish. SPELLING TESTS will be as announced. A Spelling Pretest on yellow paper will proceed the actual Spelling Test.  We will have a variety of spelling assignments throughout the week in class and for homework.


Our main focus this year in MATH is MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION.  Please continue to review Addition and Subtraction Basic Facts at home.   I will concentrate mostly on the Math Core Curriculum topics for 3rd grade and test them for mastery. I will review other math topics as they fit into the curriculum but we may not be tested on them. I like to teach math with hands-on manipulatives as much as possible.  We will use our white boards often for individual math practice problems as well as worksheets and workbook pages. We will act out, draw pictures, etc… as we figure out word problems to prepare us for the monthly problem solving problem we put in our Problem Solving Folder. is our new Math website. I will also send home a username and password for you and your child to review the 3rd grade Math curriculum including tutorial activities, interactive manipulatives, etc…  Each child will also receive a Username and Password for the internet First in  First in Math is a site paid for by the Diocese for Third Graders only. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to review Math in an interactive fun way. another Internet site will be available to the entire school also.

SOCIAL STUDIES and SCIENCE is taught separately as well as combined in our EMBRYOLOGY Unit as we hatch baby chicks.  This project is often one of the highlights of 3rd grade.  Mrs. Ketterer a 4-H instructor sponsored by Penn State comes into the class and teaches 4 lessons while we learn the responsibility of hatching baby chicks from tiny embryos.  Social studies and Science is a new graded subject for 3rd grade. We have a new Science curriculum with textbooks, workbooks, online activities, and interesting science experiment ideas with the variety of science materials we already have available in our STEM LAB.  Your child will have a combination of vocabulary words, worksheets, workbook pages, textbook reading assignments, tests, as well as projects that will be counted as part of their grade for both Social Studies and Science. Your child will have the opportunity to integrate Social Studies and ILA with Computer class as we read about and research a president of the United States and create a Powerpoint presentation.

FIELDTRIPS: I usually plan a fieldtrip to Crystal Cave in October. This trip coordinates well with our Natural Resource Unit in Social Studies and Science


SUPPLIES: Please be sure to check your child’s Catholic Planner for notes about supplies needed.  Mostly pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, and glue sticks are needed often.

THANK YOU so much for coming. LOOKING FORWARD to a GREAT year!!

                                                                            God Bless,            

                                                                            Mrs. Rebecca Grandinetti


                                                                            610 – 404 – 8645

PS: The ICA Stationary Supplies Fee of              is DUE.    This is for the Catholic Planner, copybooks, and cursive writing paper supplied by ICA.Thank You!!