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    Book Fair

    Immaculate Conception Academy
  • HSO Mtg. 7:00 Social Hall

    Immaculate Conception Academy
  • Chipotle Knight


    Immaculate Conception Academy
  • ICA's Gym

    7th Grade Play 1:00

    1:00  Play Produced and Performed by 7th Grade 

    Immaculate Conception Academy

    Knight Out - Chipotle



    ICA Home and School Organization
  • At Immaculate Conception Academy

    2nd Grade Bonding at ICA

    Immaculate Conception Academy
  • HSO Pie Pick-up

    Immaculate Conception Academy
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Congratulations to our ICA Alumni

Field Trips

Please pray for Desi

12 Days of Christmas Raffle

12  Days of Christmas Raffle

- A fundraiser for our ICA General Fund which finances - 

  • Enhancing the programs and services offered to the students.
  • Assisting those families who would not be able to afford a Catholic education. 
  • Improving technology and classroom resources.
  • Faculty enrichment and professional development programs, and
  • Meeting current operating expenses.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. 

When each family returns their sold ticket stubs they will get credit towards each child's class participation goal. Classes reaching 75% participation will receive a special reward.

Your participation will help your teacher win a special gift! The teacher of the class with the highest class participation will receive $50 gift card. 

If you would like additional tickets please email advancement.director@icaknights.org

12 Days of Christmas Prize Schedule

Congratulations for making it to the finals!

Chipotle Flyer

 Chipotle Flyer.pdf 

Please bring a copy of this flyer for Chipotle night!

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