7th Grade homeroom Announcements



 7th Grade Field Trip

Turkey Hill Experience


Permission forms and fee due 4/30/2018

Thank You!


3 jumbo sized book socks
Binder (zipper style preferred)
Binder tabs for organization of classes: Religion, Math, Science, English, Reading, Social Studies
3 College ruled filler paper
Soft pencil case with binder holes to hold in binder
Sharpened pencils
Black pens
Red pens
Dry erase markers
Small pack of colored pencils
Glue stick
3 two pocket folders for binder
5 college ruled marble copy book
Small scientific calculator (Ti=30xa)
Package of graph paper
Index cards
Package of colored construction paper
Clear contact paper- to cover workbooks. Please do not send in.
Box of tissue
Roll of paper towels
Hand sanitizer and/or antibacterial wipes
*These are greatly appreciated. Thank you!